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Are you considering pursuing a Master of Public Policy (MPP) from Georgetown University? If so, then this blog is for you! At Georgetown’s McCourt School of Public Policy, students get to explore their interests and hone their public policy expertise. In this post I will take you through the ins and outs of an MPP degree at Georgetown, shedding light on the process and course offerings that constitute many aspects of this all-encompassing program.

With an emphasis on current political climate in the US, we can discover opportunities to turn ideas into sustainable solutions. Envision yourself getting your hands dirty amidst DC’s policy mess — use our comprehensive guide as your red, white, and blue primer for success!

What Is The Program All About?

The Georgetown Master of Public Policy (MPP) program is a rigorous, two-year full-time degree program that prepares emerging leaders to analyze, design and implement solutions to public policy challenges. The curriculum builds upon a core foundation of economic and political theory, quantitative methods, and policy analysis, focusing on a variety of topics such as healthcare, economics and financial management, energy and environment, international development, organizational change management, and public leadership and management. The program also offers a variety of professional development activities, internships, and field experiences to help students develop the skills needed to become effective public policy and public management professionals in the global arena.

What Are the Major Focus Areas of the Program?

The program focuses on five major areas of study: economic and financial analysis, policy analysis and evaluation, public management and organization, program design and implementation, and leadership. Students develop the knowledge of quantitative methods, ethical considerations, and global perspectives to work effectively in the field of public policy. The curriculum also focuses on developing interdisciplinary skills and understanding how policy decisions impact different groups of people.

What Are the Unique Features of the Georgetown MPP Program Compared to Other Programs?

The Georgetown University Master of Public Policy (MPP) program stands out from other programs due to its unique focus on policy analysis, professional skill development, and its emphasis on real-world experience. It allows students to develop their analytical and problem-solving capabilities, as well as learn from professional practitioners inside and outside of government. The MPP program also offers a range of experiential learning opportunities, including internships and professional practice opportunities. Through these experiences, students gain valuable exposure to the policy-making process and gain an understanding of how public policies are developed, implemented, and evaluated.

What Kind of Jobs Can You Get with a Georgetown MPP Degree?

Earning an MPP degree from Georgetown University provides students with a wealth of career opportunities in the public and private sectors. Graduates of the program are attractive to employers in policy-driven fields due to their technical knowledge, ethical and analytical reasoning skills, deep understanding of public policy issues, and ability to communicate effectively. Potential job titles include policy analysts and advisors, program managers, budget analysts, research directors, lobbyists, political consultants, and public relations strategists. Georgetown MPP graduates have found success in a variety of organizations from think tanks and non-profit foundations to government agencies, corporations, and international organizations.

How does the Georgetown MPP Degree Rank Compared to Other MPP Programs in the US?

The Georgetown University Master of Public Policy (MPP) degree program is ranked as one of the best MPP programs in the United States. According to U.S. News & World Report, the program is ranked twelfth in the nation for its overall quality and in the top 5% of all public affairs programs in the nation. The MPP degree program is highly respected and sought-after by employers in the public, private,and nonprofit sectors. Notable alumni include senior government officials, policy leaders in international organizations, and corporate executives. The program is designed to equip students with the skills needed for a successful career in public policy, including policy analysis, program evaluation, and research methods. Students have access to a range of internships and career services that can help them launch their careers.

What is the Admittance Rate of the Georgetown MPP Program?

The Georgetown University Master of Public Policy (MPP) program has a highly competitive admission process. The MPP program typically admits students with an average GPA of 3.5 or higher, and requires a minimum of two years of prior work experience in the public sector. The program has an acceptance rate of approximately 30%, making it one of the more selective public policy programs in the United States. As a result, applicants must demonstrate exceptional academic and professional qualifications to have a successful application. In addition to maintaining excellent academic records, applicants must also demonstrate a passion and dedication to public service. With all these qualifications, students are sure to be rewarded with an education that is both engaging and challenging.

What Are the Application Requirements for the Georgetown MPP program?

The Georgetown University Master of Public Policy (MPP) program requires applicants to have a four-year degree from an accredited college or university. Additionally, applicants must submit an online application form along with transcripts, resume, two letters of recommendation, and a statement of purpose, and GRE/GMAT scores. International applicants may also be required to submit results from the TOEFL or IELTS exam.

What GRE Score Is Needed to Get Admitted into the Georgetown MPP program?

The GRE score needed to get admitted into the Georgetown Master of Public Policy program is highly competitive. The average scores for accepted students range from 156–162 for the quantitative section and 153–159 for the verbal, with a total score of around 310. Although scores have traditionally been on the higher end, the Admissions Committee also considers a variety of factors such as work experience and extracurricular activities when evaluating applications. Additionally, the score requirements may vary from year to year, so prospective students should check the current requirements before applying. With a high GRE score and a strong overall application package, students can have a good chance of being admitted into this prestigious program.

Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Applying to the McCourt School? Don’t forget to upload your resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) with your online application. Make sure it includes all of the important information: work experience, extracurricular activities, academic institutions attended, published work, and any awards or honors you’ve received. It doesn’t need to be long-one to two pages is plenty!

What Are Admissions Committees Looking for in the Statement of Purpose?

Admissions committees for the Georgetown MPP Program are looking for applicants with strong research and analytic skills, a commitment to public service, leadership potential, and a clear understanding of the program’s objectives. The statement of purpose should provide evidence of these qualities.

Applicants must demonstrate their interest in the program by providing details of their past experiences and professional goals. This should include a detailed description of the research they have conducted, internships and/or jobs they have held, and any other relevant experiences that have shaped their career aspirations. Applicants should also explain why the Georgetown MPP Program and its curriculum is a good fit for their goals.

Finally, applicants should provide evidence of their leadership potential, such as examples of prior leadership positions or projects they have worked on. This includes evidence of their ability to work with others, manage complex tasks and/or lead teams, and think critically. Overall, the statement of purpose should provide a comprehensive picture of the applicant’s qualifications, abilities and commitment to public service and the Georgetown MPP Program. ​​​​​

In Conclusion

Georgetown’s MPP program is a great choice for those looking to get their degree in public policy. With world-renowned faculty, small class sizes, and rigorous coursework, it can prepare you for a career in public policy.

Over the last seven years The Admit Lab has worked with many MPP prospective students and has grown expertise in these types of highly competitive programs. If you need help getting admitted to the program, we can help. Check out our school list of accepted MPP applicants, testimonials from happy MPP students, and master’s application services to see how we can help you too.

Our last piece of advice: start early!

Applying successfully for these types of programs require a lot more work than it seems at first glance!

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